Buy Alexa Traffic

If you are looking to Buy Alexa Traffic for your website, then you have come to the right place for your website to improve your Alexa ranking. All visitors which we provide through Buy Site Traffic will have the Alexa toolbar installed to make sure that you will see that ranking improves. Please note that it does take some time for Alexa ranking to refresh, so we advise to use the Alexa Traffic for at least 30 days. We are giving you guarantee of Targeted Social Media, Target Categories, 100% Human Social User, Pay Safe Online and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Our Alexa based visits are served in the same manner as our targeted web and adult traffic. We display your website inside a full page pop under window to visitors who are surfing on our Buy Sites Traffic network and fall under the following categories: They have the toolbar install on their web browser and they are from the location you selected when making your order.


Why is this important? See if your website is visited by anyone with the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, then that visit counts as one vote that can be added to your website’s total Alexa ranking. Your website’s Alexa ranking is most essentially a gauge of its popularity as measured against every other website on the net. The Alexa rankings cover everything from the number one ranked page on Google, right down to the newest, least popular website’s on the web.


This means that not only will buying Alexa traffic increase your website’s visitor numbers, it will also boost website traffic, ranking and it’s attractiveness to potential advertisers and thus increase your earnings.