Why we need to improve our Alexa ranking of our website

The website traffic ranking is provided by Alexa and it is based on data gathered from Alexa Toolbar. The use of Alexa done by webmasters which need to measure website they visit on their own website. There are many Alexa algorithms known to estimate and access real ranking based on the number of the Alexa toolbar and internet users. Alexa traffic ranks goes between the lakhs and it’s also measure the website traffic rank by country. If your website is local then your Alexa rank will go high and low for the rest of the world. As Alexa ranking is also necessary for your website traffic so it’s also need to improve.  If your webmaster knowing that there are various thing to improve your website then Alexa ranking is also one of them. The webmaster should understand that what is position of website and from where traffic comes from.
The mainly two important reasons is

  • Advertising
  • Selling the website
When advertising take place the advertiser will see your website he will take alexa ranking to see from which countries your website is seen to popular and see overall estimation of your Alexa traffic rank. If possible then boost your Alexa rank and jump from few million to few thousand of days. It’s easy and certainly possible. When you sell your website this all process of advertising is taken place. If you are having higher Alexa ranking then your website will get a good price.
Different way to improve your Alexa ranking

  • More and more visitor to your website
  • You can buy traffic or generate mass traffic in a some time
  • Your website should be webmaster related.

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