Get US visitors more to your website

Get US visitors more to your website

The good way to increase traffic from US first Earnings per click from ads, banners, blogs, if you have more visitor from this region many a time even an accept criterion for your blog by many advertising agencies. There various ways to get US visitor is

•    First Register your domain address with US address: - The First part is your domain address should be register with a valid US address. So that its seems that website is located and hence location relevant.

•    Go for .com Ltd: - All the thing last first we should talk about boosting. First you should be domain address then you should convert into .com. Your best to receive traffic from multiple location is .com domain name and it’s highly depends upon nature of business.

•    You should have US based hosting services: - Site load speed is one of several parameters in deciding Google ranks. The website which is hosted in the same region will have fast DNS lookup speed tend to rank better with localized hosting.

•    Use US based blog directories: - This again is related to link topic. If you decide to submit your blog or website to any directories you should make sure that they are based in the US and include the website in that region.

•    Content should be US relevant English: - There are various tips that are available in the internet you should take care about all other points then it had 80-85% traffic generating from US searches. You should never user your name in the blog by using only relevant US topics is not enough you have to take some experiments content by using relevant name.