Buying website traffic is Illegal or not?

First thing is that Buying Website traffic is not illegal. There is nothing illegal about it as there is no law anywhere that control whether can buy traffic. Suppose you’ve been running a website since one year its working tirelessly as you’re Gearing up to release one eBook It’s good book you like it very much and almost of 15000 keywords. 

It’s likewise very pretty and cheap so you need to sell so many of the copies. You’ve looked at your traffic and understood that to recover need to offer practically the same number of duplicates as to have clients. 

So you’re worried thinking a solution you want to buy some traffic. As you had buy traffic for your website to surprise the traffic that arrives to your landing pages its seems some interested just want to see that when the people had arrived it is a real people so are true and others are anonymous users. Satisfied that you again contract the site again for a more drawn out terms with more hits by large every day and you get the work landing page and take advantages of their arrival. 

But seriously Ignore the part where name you Mr. Blogger that’s not your name and will not be your gender other than that Google implementors? 15 years in a correctional facility etc. Buying website traffic might be considered against the terms of certain networks depending which network is used. Even Google in their AdSense rules its fine to buy website traffic, buy targeted traffic, as long as traffic is legal.

Its only when you are sending bad traffic to their providers and clients. Just if you are breaking the rules and regulation then you’ll removed from the program and your account locked. You won’t be arrested because nothing illegal happening. Buying website traffic could be viewed as dishonest at specific condition. 

Example if your intentionally buying bot traffic at low quality seller and traffic sending to pay per advertising that would be a black hat method for profiting. Only one situation where buying website traffic would be illegal and that traffic is also illegal this thing will happen in rare case.